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Greenwood's Product Introduction

Over the past 20 years, Greenwood has always focused on the design and production of natural and eco-friendly wooden and bamboo cutlery. The products cover 10 categories and 116 styles, and has the full link production capacity of all products. From log slicing to packaging printing, it is completed in its own factory, with an annual production capacity of more than 6 billion pieces.

The reason why Greenwood takes birch as the main raw material for cutlery is that it has the characteristics of short timber cycle, not easy to produce insects, not easy to mildew, moderate density, no special smell, fine texture, light color, light weight but solid material. Most of our wood has passed FSC certification, and comes from Greenwood's own FSC certified forest in Ukraine.

After 20 years of production experience, Greenwood has formed a unique and mature process in the field of wood cutlery processing. It is formed by log slicing without any chemical added in the processing process to ensure the quality and safety of products.

Greenwood's Environmental Responsibility

With the improvement of human society's awareness of environmental protection, the use of eco-friendly cutlery has become the mainstream trend in the world. Bid farewell to the traditional non degradable disposable cutlery and reduce their carbon emissions in the process of processing and production, so as to achieve sustainable development of the earth's environment and resources. Greenwood is committed to the future and forge ahead.

Raw Materials

Raw material we use - high standards and strict requirements. The log standard of Greenwood cutlery use is birch with a diameter of more than 18cm. Because birch is a fast-growing tree species, the growth cycle to the cutting standard is short, which is different from some disposable degradable cutlery using non recyclable resources as raw materials.

Create Zero Pollution

The whole manufacturing process is zero pollution and zero emission, and Greenwood cutlery has no pollution emission in the whole processing process, which is different from disposable degradable tableware requiring large-scale industrialization and chemical processing and production.

Naturally Degradable

Natural materials are degradable without additives. Greenwood cutlery is 100% comes from nature without additives and can be degraded in the natural environment, which is different from disposable cutlery that can be degraded only in a specific environment.

Product Is Degradable

There is no residue in product degradation. Greenwood cutlery can be completely degraded. After degradation, there is no residue and all return to nature, which is different from some disposable cutlery,some can be degraded and some will remain, while the remaining non degradable substances such as plastics and heavy metal particles will harm the environment.

Greenwood's Health and Safety Awareness

With the development of society, people have higher requirements for the natural environment. With the improvement of life quality, the use of eco-friendly cutlery has become a world trend. At the United Nations Environment Conference, the pollution of micro plastics was listed as the second largest scientific issue in the field of environmental and ecological science, which raised the problem of controlling micro plastics to the global level.

How to let consumers use eco-friendly and harmless tableware products on the premise of ensuring convenience is Greenwood's pursuit. It is Greenwood's mission to adhere to continuous innovation, adhere to green environmental protection and contribute to the world in the field of eco-friendly cutlery.