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Greenwood Group Sales and Service Center

China Center

Now it has sales department, logistics department, after-sales service department and other departments, and now has more than 20 employees. Guarantee that Greenwood's products can serve the global market.

Ukraine Center(under construction)

The purpose of construction is to be closer to the target market, to be able to understand and solve customer needs more quickly and communicate quickly, reduce communication costs and improve response speed. in order to better serve customer needs.

Greenwood Group R&D Center

The R&D center is set up in China, relying on the highly mature Chinese factory to complete the two main tasks of customized product R&D and equipment upgrade R&D. Now it has more than ten designers and engineers.
The designers of the R&D center understand customer demands through communication with customers, and continue to carry out innovative product design and sample production for customers in need, and finally form a complete process for batch production. The design and development of customized products can well meet the individual needs of some customers.
The upgrading and research of equipment has effectively improved the production efficiency of the equipment, reduced the rate of defective products, improved the stability of the equipment while reducing waste, and continuously improved the production capacity. The use of new equipment reduces manual participation, makes product quality more standardized, and controls the quality more stably.