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Wooden Coffee Stirrers Wholesale

Greenwood's disposable wooden coffee stirrer is made from high-quality natural birch. These wooden coffee stirrers are not as fragile as plastic stirrers. They are smooth and unbreakable, and can handle the drink's high heat without passing on any pungent woody smells and tastes. These stir sticks are biodegradable, convenient, economical, compostable, green and can be thrown away with food waste

Wooden Fruit Forks Wholesale

Greenwood's wooden disposable fruit fork, made from 100% natural birch, is strong and smooth with a well-polished finish and is completely biodegradable and synthetic. Now many food companies are adopting wooden cutlery as a permanent alternative to plastic cutlery to protect the environment. Green products, a great alternative to plastic, non-toxic or harmful chemicals, are better for health and the planet.

Ice Cream Sticks Wholesale

Greenwood's ice cream bar is made from high quality birch wood, which is straighter and smoother and is a responsible material for safety.

Wooden Food Boats Wholesale

Disposable wooden boats are made from natural pine, they are biodegradable and disposable. For hot and cold food. Great for appetizers, cocktail parties, barbecues, weddings, and more.

Wooden Cones Wholesale

Disposable wooden cone material is environmentally friendly pine, compared with disposable plastic material, has excellent degradation. In catering activities, buffets, weddings, camping and other occasions, can be used to set the table, holding dessert, fruit, snacks, etc., convenient for guests to eat; It can also be used as disposable tableware to display food in restaurants, dining cars and supermarkets to attract customers.

Toothpicks & Cocktail Skewers Wholesale

Toothpicks and Cocktail Skewers are made from 100% natural wood and bamboo, the best quality, without any smell or chemical smell.

Disposable Wooden Plates Wholesale

Disposable wood plates are made from birch wood, which has natural wood grain, color and texture. It is environmentally friendly to the earth, 100% compostable and biodegradable. Suitable for dinner, catering, weddings, outdoor barbecues and other special and non-special events.