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Stirrers & Sticks Wholesale

Greenwood's disposable wooden coffee stirrer is made from high-quality natural birch. These wooden coffee stirrers are not as fragile as plastic stirrers. They are smooth and unbreakable, and can handle the drink's high heat without passing on any pungent woody smells and tastes. These stir sticks are biodegradable, convenient, economical, compostable, green and can be thrown away with food waste.

Bagasse Tableware Wholesale

Bagasse tableware refers to tableware made from bagasse, which is the fibrous residue left over after sugarcane processing. Bagasse is commonly used to make environmentally friendly tableware because it is a biodegradable material. Bagasse tableware typically includes plates, bowls, and other dining utensils.

Food Boats & Cones Wholesale

Disposable wooden boats are made from natural pine, they are biodegradable and disposable. For hot and cold food. Great for appetizers, cocktail parties, barbecues, weddings, and more.