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What Are the Advantages of Using Wooden Cutlery?

What Are the Advantages of Using Wooden Cutlery?

June 6,2022
Long before the invention of the first silverware forks, diners feasted on primitive wooden cutlery. The durability of silver cutlery and the ease of handling of plastic cutlery finally put wooden cutlery aside. Now, however, in an era of energy efficiency and conservation, wooden cutlery has made a comeback. While it's not as durable and hygienic as metal cutlery, wooden cutlery is considered safe, lightweight, disposable cutlery made from renewable resources and easily recycled.

Wooden tableware is a natural product made from an abundant renewable resource (wood) and is 100% compostable. Bamboo tableware, made from fast-growing and replenishing bamboo trees, is very environmentally friendly. Wooden cutlery is a safe and superior alternative to the oil-based, non-biodegradable plastic cutlery found in landfills around the world. Wooden cutlery can also be made from any type of hardwood, such as birch and maple. Recycling wooden cutlery with other food waste helps address the growing problem of plastic and other non-biodegradable and hazardous materials in landfills and soils.

Wooden cutlery is safe for the environment and a great alternative to plastic for food preparation and consumption. Wooden cutlery excels when used as disposable cutlery for one or two uses. If you want to buy disposable wooden tableware, please contact us.

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