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Use 9 Clever Toothpick Tricks

Use 9 Clever Toothpick Tricks

Aug 29,2022
You can try keeping a container of toothpicks in the kitchen for baking. Plus there are some other neat ways to use toothpicks!

Check out these 9 clever tips for using toothpicks.

1: Clean your phone

Whether or not your phone has a case, some parts of your phone collect dust. The charging port is a specific location. Use a toothpick to remove dust from hard-to-reach places, such as cracks or crevices in your smartphone. Also, try other electronic devices.

2: Light the candle

Matches usually burn hot and fast, which can be painful if you get burned. Try using toothpicks instead of matches. Toothpicks burn more slowly and are cooler, and safer too!

3: Stir the paint

If you have a small paint bottle for touch-ups, you can easily stir them with a toothpick.

4: Custom cake decorating

Use toothpicks to make an adorable confetti cake topping. It's perfect for your next birthday or anniversary celebration! 

5: Reduce boiling

To reduce the chance of the lid boiling, insert a toothpick between the lid and the lid. When cooking food, steam can easily escape from the cooking pot.

6: Finger food

Use toothpicks to provide finger food. It helps avoid mess and dripping. 

7: Balsamic vinegar

Adding too much dressing to a salad with a jar can be a hassle. So the next time you open a new bottle, instead of opening the cap, poke a few small holes with a toothpick. These small holes allow you to reduce the amount of dressing you pour.

8: Baked potatoes

You can make perfect baked potatoes in the microwave using toothpicks as stilts. Glue four toothpicks to the potatoes to form a stand. Doing this will help cook the potatoes thoroughly in the microwave.

9: Find the end of the tape

Mark the end of the tape roll with a toothpick.

The above briefly describes some other uses of toothpicks. If you plan to wholesale toothpicks, please contact us.

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