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Disposable Tableware Plays Key Role in Pandemic

Disposable Tableware Plays Key Role in Pandemic

Jul 26,2022
At the absolute beginning of this pandemic, we understand the importance of disposables and the huge demand for disposable cutlery sets.

The global pandemic has changed the way we eat and eat. With restaurants across the capital offering takeaways at such troublesome intersections, the expendable bundling approach ultimately has other benefits for people. However, even now, some cafes serve customers with plastic cutlery and takeaway boxes, and compostable cups.

It is undeniable that the epidemic has greatly promoted the use of consumables. The coronavirus lingers on plastic surfaces longer than most different materials, so natural tableware disposables provide better results in our daily lives. The advantages of disposables give us the opportunity to eat anywhere, safer and cleaner.

Various factors drive the use of single-use cutlery, which has had a major impact. It has been widely observed that equipment reprocessing is often associated with residual contamination, which is indeed left behind by reprocessing agents that fail to reach hard-to-reach parts of reusable equipment.

The growing demand for disposable items such as plates made from wooden cutlery is best suited for this difficult situation. The cheap availability of disposable cutlery makes it a great option for the general public, including those with the virus. If you want to buy disposable tableware, please contact us.

Greenwood is a professional custom disposable wood products manufacturer. We have 5 production plants in China, which can complete the whole chain production of products, with an annual production capacity of 6 billion pieces. The products cover 116 styles of bamboo and wood disposable tableware in 10 categories. While we produce efficiently, we also guarantee planned mining and cultivation. Greenwood is also planting birch trees at the mine to keep the tree population in balance.